Your technological solution for social commitment

Donna&co is a technological tool specially designed for all companies that have at heart the desire to involve and strengthen the social commitment of their employees by enabling them, through digital fundraising campaigns and activities, to support significant and equally diverse causes all over the world.

Thanks to the tool, companies can now effectively and optimally integrate corporate philanthropy into their organizational culture. In addition to being affordable, donna&co connects an organisation's values to communities in need, increases employee well-being and sense of belonging, unifies the social brand and corporate culture, and is a tailored solution for effectively measuring and communicating impact commitments.





A solution to optimize your corporate philanthropy

  • Measuring and communicating your impact commitments
  • Unify your social brand and corporate culture
  • Involve your employees in contributing to a cause
  • Strengthen your social commitment to the community
  • Increase the well-being and productivity of your employees