How can digital marketing save businesses in the context of COVID-19?

Today's society depends on a stable and open economy, but with the arrival of COVID-19, it is completely disrupted. Many B2B and B2C companies are winding down their operations, some are closing their doors and others are laying off employees in an effort to somehow survive. In this context, selling a product or service can be rather difficult...

So how can these companies survive the crisis and what are the best options for those who wish to continue to generate income?

Our impact creators all agree on the following advice: develop and maximize your digital presence!


Increased presence in your social media

Our most important advice: be more than ever present on your social media. From simple posting on Facebook or LinkedIn to news sharing, your customers are the life blood of your business; keep them informed of your entrepreneurial development.  

Knowing all the more that consumers will be increasingly online, maximize your chances of being seen and heard by focusing on relevant and useful content. You can do this by creating eBooks, special newsletters, case studies or blog articles that will inform your public of your mission and products. Inbound marketing will allow your community to come to you and keep them engaged. You will thus significantly increase your organic traffic (very favorable for the long term).


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Adapt your communication

It is of course very important to have a message that is coherent and in synergy with the current situation in order to avoid controversy. Be sure to choose an editorial style and tone that reflects an empathetic and supportive approach, while being careful with the words and terms used to avoid sounding opportunistic. Focus your messages to offer your clients something that will support them through the crisis.

In this regard, our creators advise you to rethink the tone and incentive measures of your ads: don't encourage people to consume more, but rather to consume responsibly and in a spirit of local economy.


Invest in your SEO

Since everyone is confined to their homes, online research will inevitably increase. Take this opportunity to fine-tune your digital strategy. Invest in terms and expressions that are relevant in times of crisis. Google Ads, a strategic tool designed to reach and attract the right people, will help you search for the most sought-after keywords for your field of activity. Our editors and strategists will be happy to help you deploy this very important strategy.


Adapt your offer

Teleworking, children at home, virtual social relationships, in the context of the Coronavirus, all our behaviors are changing and will continue to change, even after the crisis. So, what can we do about it?

Adapt your offer or services so they can be available on the web. Otherwise, offer a complementary product instead. Don't be afraid to innovate, many companies have been able to use creativity to pursue and maintain their activities in times of crisis.


Examples of innovation close to home

Examples such as Bières dépôt Au Vent du Nord, which specializes in the sale of microbrewery beers, has taken proactive measures to deliver online orders and in-home services. Several yoga studios, such as OLAB Yoga, have taken steps to offer their courses virtually, S.O.S Odeurs has added an antiseptic gel to its products, and the Sherbrooke-based company Dauphinais has converted its production to the manufacture of plexiglass panels to protect cashiers working in food stores.

Once you have adapted your offer, don't forget to communicate it fully and share it with the general public through your various communication channels. What better way to do this than to inform them with a special newsletter, a sponsored ad or simply with a pop-up on your website!


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Finally, generosity!

Be aware that your customers will have time to compare the different products available on the market; be generous with your services by offering a discount or incentives such as free home delivery.


Need a short and medium-term game plan for your digital strategy and a better return on investment? Our impact creators can work with you to determine an appropriate strategy to reach your goals and engage your public. Don't wait, we're here for you!

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