5 steps to create effective marketing personas

In a marketing strategy, one of the essential elements to have in hand is a marketing persona. A persona is the typical portrait of a communication target, a semi-fictitious person that you will have imagined based on your consumers' or donors' real characteristics.

The better defined you persona’s portrait is, the better you will be able to define a communication discourse that will reach them. It is however preferable to limit yourself to 3 personas. But how do you create them to be effective? Follow these 5 steps to succeed.


1. Gather information

First, you need to gather information about your consumers or donors. You will rely on the actual data of your current and potential customers. Start with your organization's database.

Talk to people who know your regular customers well. Conduct interviews with some of them. Check your social network and website traffic statistics. Also note how they came to your website.

Then, gather the information and highlight the commonalities. Finally, analyze the patterns that emerge.

Your customers change and evolve, so you will need to regularly update your personas.


2. Define your persona's demographic profile

The idea is to pinpoint your most common donor or client to create your persona, drawing a portrait of your target audience based on its characteristics.

You have to create a character, giving it attributes: its gender, age, residence, work, personal interests, family situation, daily concerns, reading scenario, etc. Also give him or her a first name and choose a face.

You would like to call upon our team for the creation of your personas? It will be our pleasure to assist you in this crucial step.


3. Draw up a life scenario for your persona

Now dig deeper into your persona to establish its psychological profile. Define his/her values, beliefs, aspirations, fears. Tell his/her story, imagining the highlights of his/her life so far

Next, think about describing a typical day for your persona, whether it's a day at work or a day off: when he/she gets up, what does he/she do? How does he/she get to work? What does he/she do in the evening? Where does he/she go to enjoy himself/herself on weekends?

Your persona also has a lot of interaction with other people. Therefore, define the people close to him/her and his/her relationship with them



4. Describe a problem experienced by your persona

Based on these already established elements, you will be able to describe your persona's purchasing or donation habits. Now try to understand his/her behaviour and consumption logic.

You will be able to recreate his/her path in order to establish the problems he/she experiences in conjunction with your company's or organization's offer. How can your cause or your product offer a solution to such a problem?


5. Look at the information consumed by your persona

Finally, to know how to reach your communication target, you need to know where he/she gets his/her information and to which media he/she is exposed.

What media does your persona use? Radio? Television? Online press?

How does your persona spend his/her time online? How often does he/she check his/her e-mails? Is he/she present on social networks? Which ones and how often does he/she visit them? What type of content does he/she prefer? Videos? Blogs? Does he/she subscribe to influencer accounts?

Is your persona exposed to billboards in his/her daily life? On the road? On public transportation? In public places?

BONUS: Imagine your persona's way of expressing himself/herself.

Finally, you'll get a head start on writing key communication messages by imagining concretely how your persona speaks.

What kind of language does your persona use? What tone does he/she use? Does he/she enjoy humor?

Write an example of your persona's discourse by having the persona speak in the first person. Choose a situation where he/she would be faced with your product or cause. Better yet, record a vocal excerpt of what he/she would say and how he/she would say it. Have some fun!



For the success of your marketing strategy, your personas are of paramount importance. Our experts will be able to support and advise you through this important step.

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