A first summer fundraising campaign that stands out

Design an efficient fundraising campaign to collect over $45 000 in cash to fight against malnourishment during the summer season.

Moisson Montréal is a non-profit organisation that raises funds and collects food donations and other essential goods all year long, distributing them for free to different community organisations on the island of Montreal. It’s the food bank that distributes the most food in Canada.






Create a powerful and efficient corporate image for the fundraising campaign “Hunger doesn’t take a vacation” and translate it into different promotional tools. Design a website around the campaign’s image, allowing for donations with the help of the donna interactive suite, in order to collect over $45 000 in a month. The goal was surpassed with $46 315 collected. For the second edition, during the 2017 summer, over $80 000 was collected. There were multiple corporate donations averaging $1253.



$81 120




6 %

conversion rate with video testimony (market average is 1%)







Create a powerful corporate image

CIBLE developed an original corporate image to represent the fundraising campaign. The signature’s curvy typography and the used of blue and green shades is a reminder of the summer. The created image put children front and centre since they are the ones that are the most affected by the lack of food during the summer.


Design efficient promotional tools

The campaign image was declined into various tools in an effort to introduce it during the launch at La Ronde, but also in grocery stores on the island of Montreal. With this in mind, CIBLE created a scrollable banner, promotional flyers, posters, stickers for grocery stores, web banners and a sponsorship plan.

Deploy an online donation platform

The donna interactive suite, an online donation management tool developed by CIBLE, was customized to the fundraising campaign’s image. Promotional texts were produced by CIBLE, with Moisson Montréal’s collaboration, to explain the urgent need and motivate people to donate.





For an original and efficient fundraising campaign with an impact, rely on our winning combo: our expertise in marketing communication and the donna interactive suite, the most current donation management solution.

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